Essence Mascara Elegant Long (Copy)

Every makeup makes you more beautiful

The concept of “LAMELLAR” is to feature your skin’s natural beauty. FAITH INSIST will fulfill the wish of every woman to “become beautiful”.

The FAITH INSIST is a series of makeup based as an extension of skin care. We applied skin care theories to our makeup. by examining the lamellar structure in the skin. and finally developing the series in a way to maintain the natural beauty of of flawless skin. Each time you apply makeup. FAITH INSIST puts a thin veil to your skin. protecting and moisturizing it. Each product in this series is preservative free. with the base items passing our Kat Sod Assay method. which shows oour thorough attention to using only contain the three best moisturizing ingredients. Good makeup leads to beautiful flawless skin. More natural, more beautiful…

FAITH INSIST emphasizes your true beauty.



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