Fibro3 Peptides

Fibro3Peptides Program has been successfully formulated by the use of peptides combine with natural plant extracts, trace minerals and free radical scavengers to combat against skin blemishes, acnes, wrinkles, pigmentation and dilated pores.

This program encourage the skin to revive itself instantly with the intensive work of Facial Muscular Therapy. This therapy works on the specific muscles by a special technique ensuring a youthful cycle of collagen renewal and cellular rejuvenation of healthy skin.

Skin Origin Treatments (Suitable for all skin types)

Elementary Cure
Treatment: Epi Treatment
Benefits: To repair, heal and strengthen the epidermis damaged by unsuitable products,environmental factors, poor care, eczema etc.

Intensive Care (Phase 1)
Treatment: Fibro3 Treatment
Benefits: To increase and strengthen the collagen production, fibroblast tissue and the immune system.

Intensive Care (Phase 2)
Treatment: Fibro3 Treatment with Miracle Cocktail + MTS
Benefits: A combination of two treatments to strengthen and to work specifically on the skin problems, to further repair and reconstruction of collagen.

Intensive Care (Phase 3)
Miracle Cocktail Specific + MTS
Benefits: A specific solution for each indication. Working intensively on the specific skin types and conditions with MTS.

Treatment Result

Facial Muscular Therapy

Fibro3 Peptides Treatment Masks

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Dr. Grandel Cosmotiv Treatment


Eye Treatment

Intense Eye Care Lifting

Cosmotiv Anti Age

Hydro Active – hydrating treatment
Quick Facial
Hydro Active
Hydro Active Intense

Protect – vitamin C treatment
Vitamin Fitness
Vitamin Intense

Timeless – anti-aging treatment
Timeless Anti-Age Sensation
Timeless Anti-Age Sensation Intense

Hydro Lipid – mature, anti-aging
Skin Repair

 Cosmotiv Skin Problem

Puriface oily skin treatment

Ultra Sensitive – sensitive skin treatment
Sensitive Balance
Ultra Sensitive

Special – anti-pigmentation
Light Effect

Firming Treatment
Lifting Intense

Incentive Treatment Ampoule

Dr Grandel Cosmotiv Treatment

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